Automatic Boom Barrier Model – GEN400/600 Width: 4Mtr/6mtr Open time: 4 to 6 Sec Material: Mild Steel Paint: Spray Rated power: 120 w/300W. Motor Rated Torque: 76% Gears: Moderate Mild Steel Operation Through: Remote/Switches/RFID


Electromechanical Automatic Boom Barrier 24 Vdc, designed for fast and fluid movements with boom up to 3/ 4/6 m. Latest generation control unit and complete range of accessories. Safe and Precise thanks to the encoder and the slowing down in opening and closing. Practical with the in-built control unit housed on top, the LED lights […]


Electromechanical road barrier system for control of road access. WITH PAINTED GALVANISED STEEL CASE 24 Vdc gear motor, with the built-in control unit, with boom of 4/ 6 Mtr. with the opening time of 4 to 5 sec. POWER SUPPLY (Vac 50/60 Hz) 250,POWER (W) 300 Watt, WORK CYCLE (CYCLES/HOUR 100,PROTECTION LEVEL (IP) 44  


Automatic Boom Barrier in galvanized and painted steel with 24V D.C. operator for passage clearances of up to 4m. Opening time 2s – 6sec.Protection rating Control panel power supply 230A.C.50/60 Hz Motor power supply(V)24 DC Max power (W)300 Torque (Nm) 200 Opening time 90° (s) Duty cycle100% Technical features  Model NO-                                          G4000 -G40001                            G6000 – […]