Electromechanical Automatic Boom Barrier 24 Vdc,
designed for fast and fluid movements with boom up
to 3/ 4/6 m.
Latest generation control unit and complete range of
Safe and Precise thanks to the encoder and the
slowing down in opening and closing.
Practical with the in-built control unit housed on top,
the LED lights and various connections available for
safety devices and battery back-up.
Designed to blend into modern architectures, SNAP
is made of a sturdy steel structure and stainless
steel panels for reliable operations and long lasting
SNAP is compatible with SUN POWER (Solar Power
Available span of 3m, 4m, 6m.

Technical Features :

Model                       SNAP3              SNAP4                SNAP6

Motor power supply   24 V                      24 V                      24 V

Motor power                350 W                 300 W                  350 W

Max. torque                  750 Nm           600 Nm                   750 Nm

Max. boom length        3250 mm       4250 mm                 6250mm

Opening time                 1.8 sec                3 sec                     6 sec

Work cycles                Intensive          Intensive                  Intensive

Limit switches                YES                    YES                        YES

Encoder                          YES                     YES                        YES

Max. current                  1.5 A                   1.5 A                      1.5 A