• DC brush less motor based highly reliable drive
  • Alarm function in case of illegal intrusion and reverse
  • Infrared sensor to prevent pinch pedestrians
  • Short opening times in seconds for a high through flow
  • Simple integration with all access control systems
  • Automatic opening during power failure
  • Dynamic LED passage indication
  • Long life cycle and low operating cost

This model is double wing flap gate, low
noise, smaller casing, save space.
► Infrared photocell protection.
► Counting Function Available.
► Led direction indicator.
► Audible sound prompt and information
display function.
► Can open flap barrier by two input signal.
► Anti-illegal in, anti-intrusion, auto close for
reverse direction.
► One way or two way control.
► Unit can be controlled and administered by
remote control.
► Anti-collision, gate closes when no valid
signal is given.